Cycle cafés in France

The concept of a bicycle café has existed now for over a decade in the UK and has recently gone global. The combination of cake, coffee and a place to chill out seems to be something cyclists love. It took a while for concept to take hold in France, but over the last two years more and more have been popping up all over the country.

If you are reading our blog you probably know that Musette bicycles & coffee is the first ‘café vélo’ in Bordeaux but you might not know about some of these other establishments elsewhere in France. So lets take a tour de France of bike cafés!

Cycles Get Lost 2


Cycles Get Lost

Lille, 84 Rue de Cambrai, 59000


Jour de vélo 3

Jour de Vélo

Paris, 41 rue de Citeaux, 75012


Café du Cycliste 2

Café du Cycliste

Nice, 16, Quai des Docks , 06300

Insta: @cafeducycliste_style

le cyclerie cafe poitiers

La Cyclerie Café

Poitiers, 60 Bis Boulevard Pont-Achard, 86000

Insta: @lacycleriecafe

Le Café Vélo Grenoble

Le Café-Vélo

Grenoble, 59 Rue Nicolas Chorier 38000

Steel 3

Steel Cyclewear & Coffeeshop

Paris, 58, rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011


La Bicycletterie 3

La Bicycletterie

Lyon, 16 Rue Romarin, 69001


Café Vélo Agen 3

Café Vélo

Agen, rue du Duc d’Orléans, 47000

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