Bike-packing the Val del Zafán via verde and the Ebro Delta in Spain

Here is a little video we made of a bike packing trip on the roads and gravel routes around the Val del Zafán / Terra Alta / Baix Ebre area of Spain.

Starting near Zaragosa and mostly following the Via Verde cycling route towards Alcañiz. We picked our own path using very rocky gravel tracks through the wild natural landscapes as well as larger roads to make up some distances quickly.

gravel bike packing spain

On the second day we went through the mountainous Terra Alta region crossing the hills using dirt tracks used mostly by trucks. We passed through cherry orchards and little Catalan towns like El Pinell de Brai with its modernista cooperative building. Descending down to the Ebro river, we rejoined the Via Verde.

Following this path’s general direction through Tortosa we crossed through the rice fields of the Ebro Delta out to Riumar and the Mediterranean Sea.

A fun little bike-packing trip and a great area for off-roading with lots of gravel paths and tracks to explore. Too bad it only lasted three days.

Genesis gravel bike Brixton cutomised

Cycling on a modified Genesis Brixton with 700×32 Schwalbe marathon plus tyres, if I’d known there would be so much gravel I’d have put on wider tyres!

If you want to talk to us about gravel bikes, bicycle touring or just want a good coffee then come in for a chat.

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