Preparing for the transcontinental ultra endurance cycle race

Nico Malet trancontinental Musette merino jersey

My name is Nicolas, I am 28 years old and I’ve been practicing long distance cycling for three years. This year I’m lucky enough to be taking part in the Transcontinental Race. Launched in 2013, this race has become a classic in the world of ultra-distance cycling thanks to their values and strong brand identity.

This year the race will start on the shores of the Black Sea in Bulgaria and will finish in Brest, France. That equates to roughly 4000km but varies slightly depending on the route chosen by each participant between the four checkpoints in : Bulgaria, Serbia, The Dolomites in Italy and Alpe d’Huez in France.

transcontinental race 2019 nico malet

musette bordeaux sinewave light

My daily 30km commute has served as a complement to my preparation. Each month I try to do at least one long ride in order to find my rhythm and get accustomed to long distances and extended lengths of time in the saddle.

I am going to ride the Transcontinental Race on a Genesis Equilibrium. It is a very comfortable and polyvalent steel road bike. I decided to opt for an oval chainring in order to avoid pain in my knees and to add fluidity to my pedaling. I have also added Profile Design aero bars, which I believe to be indispensable when passing extended periods on a bicycle. It helps to avoid pains in the arms and the back.

Genesis Equilibrium ultra long distance.jpg

Musette helped me get kitted out with some specialised equipment like a the custom built wheel-set and bike-packing bags. As part of their sponsorship they also gave me a top quality custom marino wool jersey.The custom built wheel with integrated dynamo-hub will allow me to recharge my telephone and power my front (a Sinewave Beacon) and back light (Supernova Tail Light).

sinewave light custom wheel build

Concerning packing the rest of my equipment, I will use a Restrap framebag for my passport and some clothing. Behind the saddle I’ll put my Roadrunner Jammer bag, where I’ll store my bivouac, sleeping bag and repair kit. I’ve also got a small custom made bag that straps between my aero bars where I can keep some food within easy reach to avoid needing to stop too often.

Genesis equilibrium route triathlon long distance

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