Cargo bike deliveries of artisanal Kombucha in Bordeaux

vélo cargo bordeaux

Behind Mama Kombucha you’ll find Lucille and Lydie, two dynamic young women in Bordeaux, who make artisanal Kombucha: a sparkling drink rich in health benefits. They supply Bordeaux businesses with their bubbly goodness from their laboratory located at 205 rue Judaïque.

Lucille met Chris and Rob while Mama Kombucha was being created. She enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere of Musette and got into the habit of coming for coffee and eventually introduced them to Kombucha. As the Komucha business picked up and with deliveries increasing, she needed a quick and efficient way to supply her partners. Of course, she thought of Musette to find the right bike for the job.

vélo cargo livraison bordeaux

« The bike, which resembles an Omnium but was built in Bordeaux, allows us to quickly deliver to the cafes and restaurants we sell to around the city centre. It is equipped with robust wheels, and a front platform where we have installed a solid box in the colors of Mama Kombucha.

The double kickstand provides good stability even when heavily charged. Its handles well and requires little effort thanks to the multiple speeds. At first look the cargo bike seems imposing, but is very easy to handle and allows you to squeeze through all the obstacles that we find in town. It often draws the attention of other cyclists and passers-by who, which helps to promote our business.

mama kombucha bordeaux

Several times a week, we use it for our delivery rounds, picking up raw materials from our local suppliers or visiting our events. It’s an ecological, friendly and time-saving mode of transport! We’ve been using it for almost a year now, and we’re thrilled.

Whatever your bicycle problems, don’t hesitate to drop into Musette! You will always find good advice and good coffee (or kombucha), served with delicious pastries and a touch of humor 🙂 »