Genesis bikes Bordeaux

Here at Musette we work with a number of bike brands but we predominantly sell Genesis bicycles. We stock only their steel frame models as this is our preference but we also offer their full range to order with a delivery delay of only 3 days.

Here are some of the Genesis bikes you can buy from Musette bicycles and coffee with their current prices.

Genesis Tour de Fer 10 – €1,279

Genesis tour de fer 10 bordeaux velo

Genesis Tour de Fer 20 – €1,599

genesis tour de fer 20 velo bordeaux

Genesis Tour de Fer 30 – €1,899

Genesis tour de fer 30 velo bordeaux

Genesis Croix de Fer 10 – €1,149

genesis velo croix de fer 10 bordeaux

Genesis Croix de Fer 20 – €1,499

velo genesis croix de fer 20 bordeaux

Genesis Croix de Fer 30 – €1,999

genesis croix de fer 30 velo bordeaux

Genesis Fugio – €2,199

velo genesis fugio acheter bordeaux

Genesis Vagabond – €1,249

genesis vagabond velo bordeaux

Genesis Brixton – €879

genesis brixton velo bordeaux

Genesis Smithfield – €999

genesis smithfield velo bordeaux

Genesis Columbia Road – €999

genesis columbia velo femme bordeaux

Genesis Day One 10 – €779

Velo Genesis day one acheter bordeaux

Genesis Day One 20 – €1,049

Genesis day one 20 acheter Bordeaux