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Our bicycles take you on journeys!

Musette is an independent speciality coffee shop, a friendly vélo boutique and a bilingual bicycle repair shop all in one. Come and find us in Bordeaux to enjoy some of the best espresso in town, to have us service your bike or to pick up a unique souvenir. We are specialists in bike-packing, gravel, touring and adventure bikes.


We have a passion for quality coffee and friendly service. We buy our beans locally, picking them up on bike from small independent roasters, which ensures they are as fresh as possible. The atmosphere in the coffee shop tends to be pretty relaxed, so you can chill, hang-out in our garden, read one of our cycling magazines or just chat with friends old and new. We serve speciality coffee but aren’t snobby about it; tell us what you prefer and we will try to get it perfect, just the way you like it.


As well as serving great coffee we also sell great bicycles and a carefully curated range of accessories. We specialise in cargo, gravel and touring bikes. We also do some fun creative builds known as our ‘bikes of the month’. We can also build customised bicycles just for you, so you get the bike that perfectly suits the kind of cycling you want to do.


From the smallest to the biggest job we are always here to help. Our workshop is equipped with all the tools necessary to fix almost any problem you might have with your bike. Just pop in and have a quick chat with us about it.

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We regularly do custom builds for our clients or other times just to offer some one of a kind bikes in the shop. Have a look at some of out latest creations.