The Darwin Eco System is a one of a kind place in Bordeaux, and in France for that matter. Darwin was the perfect fit for Musette to set up its second location, with its focus on sustainability, ecological preservation, local economics, and a headquarters for many socially minded businesses

Our shop at Darwin focuses on urban, utility and cargo bikes.

We have a full service workshop and a curated boutique stocked with useful products. 

Our presence at Darwin is intended to orient citizens towards bicycles that are useful in an urban environment: cargo bikes such as Bullitts and Omniums, commuter bikes, and utility bikes such as Surly long tails. These means of transport are emission free, promote health, are highly practical and help create a more agreeable city to live in. Most people understand by now the value of cycling over motorized transport in an inner city setting, but it’s worth mentioning again.

It is great to see the majority of the Darwin’s permanent residents already get to work either by bike or on foot. With a permanent bicycle shop in place, these bicycles will able to be repaired while their owners go about their day’s work.

The best way to lead is by example and with climate change an ever present threat we as individuals and as a functional society need to set good examples (now more than ever).We hope you’ll pay us a visit on either side of the river and continue to use us as your mechanic, your artisan, and your advisor in all things bicycle. 

You’ll find us 100m in on the right hand side after entering – look out for the Musette flag!

Opening hours

12 h 00 min – 17 h 30 min
12 h 00 min – 17 h 30 min
12 h 00 min – 17 h 30 min
10 h 00 min – 17 h 30 min