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The bikes we sell vary but each will have more than a few things in common: they will be versatile, durable, functional and be fun to ride – reminding you of the childlike joys that can be had while cycling…


…This is one of the reasons we stock Genesis because, in their own words, they “bring to life the sorts of bikes we enjoy riding… Most of our bikes will have ‘built-in’ practicalities that will enable you to use them daily across many different scenarios.”

We are also an official stockist of Brother Cycles, Omnium, Bullitt, Surly and Pelago.


As well as selling complete bicycles we build bikes from scratch, picking and choosing quality components. We have done builds around SurlyAll-City and Brother Cycles frames. So if you are looking for a bike built specifically for you then don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk to us about your project and check out our ‘bikes of the month‘ page for some inspiration.

We specialise in bicycles and accessories for touring because we believe travelling by bicycle is the most enjoyable way to se the world. We predominantly stock gravel bikes due to their increased versatility but also stock cargo bikes because of their outright practicality.


We offer two industry leading brands of cargo bike: Omnium and Bullitt so we will be able to find a cargo that fulfils your demands perfectly.

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We sell a range of quality items from hand-made artisanal products such as our famous ‘rando’ cycling caps and custom bike packing bags, to industry leading brands such as Restrap, Ortlieb and Kryptonite.

Our focus is on functionality and durability, which is why in our boutique you will always find a carefully curated selection of the best accessories in cycling. Here are some of the brands we stock:

XLC, Vélo Orange, Tubus, Ritchey, Road Runner Bags, Sim Works, Restrap, Outer Shell, Kryptonite, Lizard Skins, Ortlieb, Knog, Crane, Brooks Saddles England, Brick Land Bikes, Pelago, Schwalbe, Challenge, Bum Bags, Chrome, Rene Hérse…


Gravel bikes are the perfect ‘all-rounders’ being comfortable in almost any situation. They can go fast on roads and dropped bars for an aerodynamic position. They are also perfect for long trips and touring with a slightly more upright frame geometry than a road bike while retaining handlebars that allow multiple hand positions. They can equally head off-road, along bumpy tracks with large tyre clearance for comfort and disc-brakes that mean slight buckles in the wheels aren’t an issue.

With Bordeaux’s notorious cobbled streets as well as its long straight road stretches a gravel bike also makes the ideal around town bike. What’s more, surrounding Bordeaux are so many forests and vineyards criss crossed with fire tracks and cycle paths of varying surface quality which can all be explored on a gravel bike. Its this sort of bike that allows you to discover and fully appreciate the beautiful countryside that the south-west of France has to offer. Most gravel frames also come with eyelets for attaching panniers, which is why they are sometimes known as adventure bikes because if one day you want to go a little further afield you’ll be able to just load-up and go!

The most important thing though is that gravel bikes are adaptable meaning they can be tailored to suit each rider’s individual needs. We are more than happy to do custom builds for you, just tell us your measurements, budget and what sort of cycling you’ll be doing we will do the rest.