Bullitt cargo bikes

Photo Jeys

Bullitt cargo bikes were designed in Copenhagen by Larry vs Harry to be strong, fast and reliable. Larry and Harry always cycled as much as possible. Not just because it was green, cool and cheap, but because it was – is – the fastest, most convenient way to get around town.

Before starting Bullitt Harry had a building business where he used a 60-year-old Danish Long John cargo bike to get from job to job. Larry was busy working for another Danish manufacturer, making the best cargo trike in the world. The problem was Harry’s vintage Long John was still faster, lighter and more manoeuvrable.

That’s when Larry and Harry decided to build the perfect cargo bike.

Larry and Harry’s master plan was to build a bike that could replace much of the functions of a car in the city, from trucking down to the lake with a case of beer and a ghetto blaster to carrying out demanding commercial transport.

The final product: Bullitts are an environmentally friendly solution to getting around quickly, cheaply, and stylishly.

So come into the shop and talk to us about choosing the Bullitt that suits you best.

Bullitt cargo bike starting from €2,870

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