Niner are a group of passionate riders and adventurers based in Fort Collins, Colorado. They have been making off-road bikes since day one. In their own words they are committed to dirt and the outdoor lifestyle which goes along with making tracks into the natural world.

In fact Niner began its life on a trail. It was 2004 when the company’s founder was testing out a 29 inch single speed mountain bike, a rarity at the time, and noticed he was passing riders up and down hills. He did some research and discovering only a few people were making 29inch wheeled mountain bikes he set out to become a specialist in the field.

Since their first batch of single speed scandium 29ers they have grown their product line quite a bit, which now encompasses steel framed gravel bikes that we offer here in Bordeaux.


The RLT 9 Steel is a sleek gravel bike made from Reynolds 853 steel with a full suite of gravel-ready features, including clearance for up to 700x50C types.

We have a limited number of complete bikes available for spring / summer 2021 built up with SRAM Rival 22.

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Reynolds 853 is a nearly perfect material for creating bike frames. Rather than being weakened by heat, the frame tube junctions actually strengthen after TIG welding. This allows the use of thinner, lighter frame tubes without any sacrifice in durability or strength.