Omnium cargo bikes

Omniums are designed to react like a classic bike does when you ride it. So if you don’t have any cargo it doesn’t even feel like a cargo bike !

They are lightweight, extremely fast and versatile.


The two-wheeled cargo bike has seen a renaissance in recent years and here at Musette bicycles and coffee we hope this continues into the decades to come, especially in Bordeaux.

When World Champion bike messenger and creator of the Omnium company Jimmi Bargisen got his first cargo bike, it wasn’t normal to see these bikes on the streets of Denmark. When he rode around, he was often stopped by people who found it interesting and asked where they could buy one. He told them they could get a very expensive one in the USA and wait half a year to receive it (if they were lucky). That is when he realised there was a market for this kind of bike. So he decided to create something more accessible to the general public in Europe – especially for the bike messengers.


Omnium is primarily cargo bikes but it’s so much more. It becomes part of your lifestyle. It can also be used for everyday shopping trips, transporting children and even going on cycle tours. It’s only you who set the limits.

All the Omnium cargo bikes are available from Musette bicycles and coffee. If you would like to find out more come to have a chat with us over a coffee or send us an e-mail at

We can also do custom builds using Omnium frames.

Here are some of the complete bicycles available in store or to order:

The Cargo from €3029


The Mini Max from €3029


The CXC from €2099

The Mini from €2599