Pelago bicycles Bordeaux

Pelago is a company based in Helsinki, Finland that makes good bikes for a better life. They build bicycles that serve multiple purposes, based on the belief that cycling is more comfortable and efficient when using a well-functioning reliable machine. Their bikes are made of steel and are extremely versatile and adaptable : for city commutes, off-road gravel excursions or round the world tours Pelago bikes will get you where you want to go in style.

Here are the Pelago 2020 bicycles. We will update the page as soon as the 2021 range is released. Pelago also make some very good accessories, if you want to find out more get in touch.

Pelago Stavanger Outback 1595 €


Pelago Stavanger Commuter 1795 €


Pelago Airisto Outback 1295 €


Pelago Airisto Commuter 1595 €


Pelago Hanko Street 995 €


Pelago Hanko Outback 1295 €


Pelago Hanko Commuter 1595 €