Surly are serious about steel bikes. They even make their own tube-sets which means that each tube on every bike is specifically designed for the intended use and loading characteristics of said bike. In addition, sizes within each model have tube-sets scaled to preserve optimum butting profiles. Their forks, too, are proprietary and model-specific as well as an assortment of custom dropouts, fittings and castings.

This is what allows Surly to make a wide selection of bikes. They do all have a few things in common though: utility, versatility and durability. In short Surly makes functional bikes that do what they’re designed to do and are built to last.

At Musette  we currently stock the Surly Big Dummy Long-tail as well as some sweet custom builds we put together. Get in touch to find out more.

It is surprisingly hard to get a hold of Surly in France but as soon as we have the stock available for sure we will let you know.