Rando Mollo

Launched in summer 2018 Rando Mollo is the name we have given to our regular bike-packing over-nighters that we run during the warmer months of the year.

Open to the general public each Rando Mollo is a guided, cycle-camping mini-tour designed to familiarise beginners with the world of bike-packing and cycle touring. It is also a chance for experienced cyclo-tourists to have a relaxed overnight social trip. All in all, a chilled way to discover our favourite hobby.

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Brother in the Wild

Brother Cycles launched their gravel-grinding, wild-camping, beer-swilling bike-packing event in the UK. Since then they have taken it on tour in Europe and in 2019 we organised the first ever French edition of Brother in the Wild.

Each Brother Cycles event is unique and showcases the amazing riding that the region has to offer. However all events share the same core values – riding bikes in the great outdoors with a group of like-minded people.

BITW x Musette will be back at the end of summer 2021 (covid-19 permitting). Keep an eye out for more information on our social networks.