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Being independent allows us to use any coffee we want and we like to change things up regularly. We drink a lot of coffee ourselves so we never use the same bean for too long. We prefer to try different beans with various flavour profiles, changing our espresso bean at least once a month. This keeps things interesting for our customers as well as ourselves.

We get our coffee from artisanal, small-batch roasters. Buying our coffee locally means we can go and pick it up on our bikes, which guarantees the freshest coffee possible. Some of the talented local roasters that we work with include La PelleAlchimisteOven Heaven and Phia.

We also offer a selection of cakes and cookies which are 100% gluten free and organic.


In the early 1960s the Faema company launched its groundbreaking E61 model. It was the first machine to use a volumetric pump to deliver water at the precise 9 bars of pressure needed to produce a perfect espresso. Another impressive innovation was the addition of the pre-infusion principle, which is achieved by wetting the ground coffee for a few seconds before starting the delivery in order to maximise the extraction of aromatic substances. Not only this but the E61 was, and remains, one of the most beautiful machines around with strong clean lines giving it timeless appeal.

Aside from pretty much inventing the modern coffee machine another reason we love the Faema brand is for their contribution to the competitive sport of cycling. During the late 1960s and early 1970s they sponsored a world beating cycling team lead by the legendary Eddy Merckx!

We use a modern version of the E61 that keeps the same elegant design as the original with a few of the internal devices updated technologically. Notably, these machines have been used at the recent Coffee Masters prestigious global barista tournaments.


One of the best kept secrets in Bordeaux (until now). You wouldn’t know it from looking in out the front of our shop but out the back we have a little patio garden. It is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee in peace away from the hustle and bustle. On hot days it is shaded from the sun by the trees and if it is raining we have a couple of tables under cover so you can stay dry while still enjoyIng the fresh air.


We are quiet proud of our funny little bookshelf at the back of the store. Feel free to delve into it and have a read. You might be surprised what you’ll learn. It includes a rather retro collection of titles on French Tour de France riders! We are always looking to add to the collection so if you have any books on the subject of cycling that you want to share [or just get rid of] then bring them in.


On top of our social rides we like to mix things up and run the occasional event in the coffee shop too. From movie nights and exhibitions to cuppings and competitions. Sign up to our Facebook page where we will post all of our up-and-coming events along with photos of the ones we’ve already run.